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What are the advantages of the VertAlign® System vs. a custom brace made by an orthotist?

The two most recognized advantages offered by the VertAlign® System are speed of delivery and lower cost. Many patients also report superior comfort with a VertAlign® back brace.


About what percentage of people will the VertAlign® fit without modification?

Clinical experience shows that 90%-95% of patients of normal anatomy can be fit with a VertAlign® back brace.


About how much area does it take to store the VertAlign® System?

18 square feet (3 x 6 area, on & under a 3 foot table).


Is the VertAlign® back brace MRI compatible?

Yes, when it comes with Velcro closures.


Can a VertAlign® back brace be used more than once on the same patient?

Yes, if the patient's anatomy doesn't change. 


How long is the VertAlign® back brace usually worn?

Patients will typically wear a VertAlign® 3 to 4 months. However, each patient should speak with their doctor regarding anticipated back brace wear time given their specific medical condition.


Can you take off the VertAlign® back brace when you take a shower and when you go to bed?

Yes, but check with your doctor for specific advice on your VertAlign® back brace use.


Can the VertAlign® back brace get wet?



How do I clean the VertAlign® back brace?

The VertAlign® is both moisture and odor resistant. We recommend that you clean the back brace weekly by using a mild detergent or personal bath soap, warm water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse all soap residues from the brace and dry well with a towel. If the straps get wet, they may be dried using a hair dryer on a low or no heat setting. Please refer to the Patient Care Manual included with each VertAlign®.


Can I use lotions or powders on my skin under the VertAlign® back brace?

Soap, lotion (other than SEABREEZE® Astringent) or powder left on the skin under the VertAlign® and t-shirt or body sock may cause skin irritation.


How quickly can I get a custom VertAlign® back brace for a patient?

Call customer service at 800-428-2304.


What is the difference between the VertAlign® BreezeWay and the EaseWay backs?

The BreezeWay is designed as a non-surgical back and the EaseWay is designed as a post-surgical back.


How is the VertAlign® back brace fitted for size?

A simple decision tree and fitting procedure on the back of the packaging allows rapid identification of the most appropriate anterior and posterior VertAlign® system components for each patient’s anatomy. Providers are trained by a certified orthotist on fitting.


Can the male and female VertAlign® components be used on the opposite gender?

Yes, but it is not usual.


What do I do if I cannot fasten the VertAlign® back brace by myself?

Call your provider or customer service (800-428-2304) or refer to your Patient Handbook.


What parts of the VertAlign® back brace are replaceable?

Straps, screws, rivets, t-nuts, chaffs, tongues, ratchets and ladder straps and the foam liners. See your healthcare provider or contact customer service (800- 428-2304) for replacement parts.


What is the return policy for The Bremer Group Company?

If there is a problem, please call customer service (800-428-2304).


If I open a VertAlign® component and do not use it, what should I do?

Call customer service (800-428-2304) or click here.


What information is needed to obtain a Sample Inventory?

Call customer service (800-428-2304) or click here.


What needs to be done before a provider receives a Sample Inventory?

(1) Paperwork completed and approved.
(2) In-service Training of fitter and biller is scheduled to coincide with shipment.


Can a VertAlign® back brace be modified without jeopardizing the durability and support the brace is designed to provide?

Minor modifications made by trained personnel will not effect the durability of the brace.


What are the VertAlign® Spinal Support components made of?

Recyclable, low density, linear hexene copolymer material with unique “cold-flow” properties. Please refer to the TLSO or LSO Patient Information Booklet.


How many degrees of lordosis are built into the VertAlign® backs?

The BreezeWay (non-surgical back) is ± 24 degrees and the EaseWay (post-surgical back) is ± 20 degrees.


What is the meaning of lordosis?

The forward curvature of the spine in the lumbar region.


What is the meaning of kyphosis?

Rearward curvature of the spine, resulting in protuberance of the upper back. (hunch back)


What is the meaning of scoliosis?

Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.


Will The Bremer Group Company bill insurance companies and/or the patient for the VertAlign®?

No, providers must bill for the service, the brace and the follow-up appointment.


What are the proper insurance or Medicare codes for the VertAlign® TLSO and LSO, and for application?

You can refer to our billing information, call customer service (800-428-2304) or log-on to the CMS website.


Is the VertAlign® back brace considered Durable Medical Equipment?

No, it is an orthosis.


If a patient is in a VertAlign® and has a colostomy, how can we make wearing the brace more comfortable and accommodate the patient's bag/tube?

Call customer service at 800-428-2304.


Especially in the summer, the question comes up about "holes" for cooling the "hot brace".

Large holes (3” plus) will compromise strength, while smaller holes, based upon 4 years of tests using thermocouples, show that there is no apparent cooling effect. What works is a cotton T-shirt or body sock acting as a perspiration wick. Such a liner moves sweat and heat away from the body until the liner becomes saturated. The liner then becomes a barrier to heat transfer. Change the liner as soon as it becomes wet. Use Seabreeze® on your body between changes and you will be much more comfortable. Please see your patient handbook or instruction video. 


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