Healing Begins with the Right Back Brace (orthosis)

Enormous strides in back supports have been achieved in the last couple of decades. As new materials are developed, antiquated braces constructed primarily of metal have been replaced with products that incorporate lightweight, durable, rigid plastics. The Bremer Group Company products offer unique adjustments that improve the simplicity of applying a back brace and heighten patient comfort to help maintain the level of daily activities.

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VertAlign® Spinal Support System

vertalignThe VertAlign® back brace is a patented1 lightweight, rigid plastic orthosis also known as a thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO). It will hold the back from an area between the shoulder blades (scapulae) to a point just above the buttocks. The VertAlign® back brace is designed to meet your spinal immobilization needs, whether or not surgery is indicated.

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Anatomy of the Spine

anatomyThe spine serves many roles in human anatomy. It allows for erect posture and provides a protective, bony column for the spinal cord, support for the head and arms, as well as muscles, ribs and organs. Disruption of this delicate balance of form and function occurs with improper alignment or the presence of other pathological conditions.

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Back Injuries

injuryEach year over 4.5 million Americans are affected by back injury, disease and pain, which have become three of the top complaints heard by medical professionals. Back injuries have led to an enormous amount of lost workdays (second only to the common cold) and annually cost American industry about $10-14 billion in workers compensation.

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Where to Find

referLet The Bremer Group Company help you find a participating physician.

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