VertAlign® Spinal Support System

From Immobilization Through Support

Created by a Certified Orthotist actively involved for over 40 years in the care of patients with compromised spines, this patented1 back brace system has been refined through intensive research and clinical encounters with thousands of patients.

The VertAlign® Spinal Support System encompasses a full spectrum of care

  • Rigid, molded plastic TLSO or LSO components in one back brace system; when properly customized for the patient, the posterior shell extends from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T9 vertebra and the anterior shell from sternal notch to symphysis pubis
  • Unique, gender-specific, select-and-apply system at the point-of-care with over 550 size and use combinations
  • Innovative, shrink-wrapped components in a convenient point-of-care dispenser system

Components color-coded by gender

  • Light blue: Female
  • Gray: Male

Promotes a rapid, intuitive component selection process

  • Ideal for nonsurgical and postsurgical treatment regimens
  • Superior fit and patient education material to help assure compliance
  • Uniquely adaptable to the majority of male and female morphology
  • Removable, washable liner to improve durability, comfort and compliance
  • Cost effective - to dispense VertAlign® back braces from your facility requires no initial inventory investment

Provides convenient, effective spinal support

  • Offers an efficient 6-step application procedure
  • Prefitting using shrink wrapped components virtually eliminates the necessity of guessing and trial-and-error to attain a successful customized patient fit
  • Choice of two types of posterior shells enhances system versatility
  • Recyclable, low-density, linear hexane copolymers with unique "cold-flow" properties provide the patient with further personalized fit for unparalleled wearability

Ensures clear views from diagnostic imaging studies

Every VertAlign® back brace is fully compatible with diagnostic imaging, which embraces protection of patients from the time of presentation through and beyond early diagnostic studies. This back brace facilitates clear confirmation of reduction and/or stabilization after application. And with the VertAlign® System, the need for back brace removal during follow-up imaging studies is eliminated.


Holds the line on cost of care

The VertAlign® back brace serves as an adjunctive diagnostic aid in cases where patients present with equivocal symptoms, as well as embraces changing requirements throughout the patients' continuum of care. The versatility of the VertAlign® back brace also eliminates the cost variability that may be associated with custom products.

Dispensing VertAlign® back braces from your facility requires no initial inventory investment. To arrange for a system demonstration, obtain a fitting video, or place the VertAlign® Spinal Support System in your facility, call toll free: 800.428.2304 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


VertalignInstructions Application Instructions Wall Chart
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patient vert thumb
Get the TLSO patient instruction booklet.
patient vertlso thumb
Get the LSO patient instruction booklet.

1— U.S. Patent No. 5,718,670.
2 — A/P and lateral radiographs of the thorax, CT scans from T1 to L5, MRI views of the entire body tested to 1.5 Tesla.

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