Back Injuries

Each year over 4.5 million Americans are affected by back injury, disease and pain, which have become three of the top complaints heard by medical professionals. Back injuries have led to an enormous amount of lost workdays (second only to the common cold) and annually cost American industry about $10-14 billion in workers compensation.

Back injuries can occur in healthy as well as poorly-conditioned individuals of all ages. Depending on the severity of disease or injury, treatment may be as simple as rest and relaxation, or conversely, treatment may require the use of a back brace (orthosis). An orthosis is a mechanical device used to support or supplement a weakened, diseased, damaged (via accident or surgery), or otherwise compromised spine.

In response to the specific needs of back pain sufferers, The Bremer Group Company researched and developed a line of back braces (spinal supports) that may be custom fit to provide the highest level of comfort and maximum support for each patient’s unique condition.

back injury

Bremer Group's line of back braces are custom fit.
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