Corporate Information

The Bremer Group Company

The Bremer Group Company was founded in 1994 by Ross L. Bremer, a certified prosthetist orthotist actively involved for over 40 years in the care of patients with compromised spines. Since its inception, the company has achieved a position of demonstrated leadership in the conception, design, manufacture and distribution of cost-effective back braces that protect the patient's lumbar and thoracolumbosacral spine. The Bremer Group Company back brace products are ideal for use during diagnosis, treatment and healing of the patient.

Our Philosophy

While recognizing the physiological requirements for spinal stability and support, The Bremer Group Company has traditionally placed equal emphasis on the psychological requirements for maintaining the continuity of daily activities and physical comfort of patients.

The outcome of this unique philosophy has been continuously hallmarked by significant advances in design and materials, resulting in superior products that address the medical and practical needs of patients, as well as the professionals and practices that provide care.

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