ComfAlign® Spinal Support

For Your Patient

Years of practical clinical experience have helped refine the design of the patented1 ComfAlign® back brace, which assures unparalleled patient comfort while minimizing improper motion. Innovative improvements have not only enhances wearability of this LSO back brace, but also increases patient compliance.

ComfAlign® Spinal Supports feature:

  • Proprietary internal mechanism that allows precise lumbar adjustments from 0° to 40° of lordosis
  • Unique, innovative ladder strap and ratchet closure or hook and loop closure straps make ComfAlign® straightforward to apply, adjust and remove. The ratchets allow significant compression without the need for patient strength or range of motion
  • Front adjustments further customize the fit to follow body contour variations
  • Molded design conforms to a patient's body type; custom-fit to accommodate large abdomens and wide hips
  • Comfortably rigid, lightweight plastic to provide complete, compact spinal support from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T9 vertebra
  • Gender-specific supports are available in four sizes, which can be customized to fit 98% of the adult patient population
  • Cool, breathable, washable liner

For Your Facility

Be assured, patients are fit with a back brace that provides support and protection, exactly as you prescribe, right in your office, hospital or rehab facility, 98% of the time during their initial visit. By stocking the ComfAlign® Spinal Support inventory on site, you can conveniently deliver complete care and enhance patient satisfaction.

ComfAlign® Spinal Supports are cost-efficient, compact back braces and easy to stock. A Certified Orthotist will train your staff at your facility in the straightforward application and customization techniques. The ComfAlign® back brace is PDAC classified with verified payment history. To help with accurate reimbursement information, Customer Service is available to make sure you have the latest coding and billing information.

1 — U.S. Patent No. 6,702,770


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Download the ComfAlign® Spinal Support Patient Instruction Booklet.
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Download the ComfAlign® Fitting Guide.
To dispense ComfAlign® Spinal Supports from your facility, arrange for a demonstration, obtain a fitting video, or place an order, call toll free: 800.428.2304 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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