For nearly 20 years, The Bremer Group Company has established a reputation for embracing practitioners and patients with high quality back braces and exceptional customer service. We provide comprehensive back brace solutions including:

  • VertAlign®, ComfAlign® or Custom Back Braces enveloping patients with support that fits their diagnosis, protects instability, helps to ease their pain
  • Application and use training plus printed patient instructions, ensuring a successful fit and enhancing compliance
  • Support for proper reimbursement encompassing products with verified payment histories and extraordinary customer service

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The Bremer Group Company, providing O&P and physician practices, acute care hospitals and rehabilitation facilities with comprehensive back brace solutions.
Each year back injury disease and pain are three of the top complaints heard by medical professionals and lead to an enormous amount of suffering and lost workdays, second only to the common cold. Your physician has prescribed a Bremer back brace to help provide comfort, support and protection as you heal.

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Apr 03 2015 - Apr 03 2015 Spring Holiday
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May 25 2015 - May 25 2015 Memorial Day

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